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Talking to AFB about your home loan will give you access to a large range of lending options, including major trading banks and specialist lenders with a reputation for saying yes when others say no. As part of the PLAN Group we arrange millions of dollars worth of loans each month so banks and other lenders compete fiercely for you our customers. The first step is easy; call the AFB Hotline on 07 574 0002. You will get a flexible loan that allows you to balance your mortgage and your lifestyle and you will receive completely FREE and independent advice and service.


With our strong track record in marine finance you will get the best deal for your budget and lifestyle. Geoff has worked in marine finance for many years, constructing his own boat and continuing to be an avid boatie, At Accept Finance Brokers you will be using the boating finance professionals, whether you're buying a new boat, re fitting or re-powering and you get independent financial advice from the people who love boating.


Residential and Commercial Property Investment is one the New Zealand's greatest wealth creation tools. Establishing the correct loan structure whether it's your 1st or 10th investment property is critical. You will make the most from your investment by using the expertise of Accept Finance Brokers.


No matter how suitable your home loan was when you first applied, the services the banks offer is continually changing. You should review your mortgage at least once a year. Interest rates change, new products are introduced and your personal circumstances change. What was suitable 12 months ago may not be suitable today. Over 25 years a difference of .25% can add up to thousands of dollars. For example on a Principal and Interest mortgage of $130000 at 8.25%, a reduction of 0.25% would save you $6487. For ideas on controlling your mortgage phone the AFB Hotline. Your review with Accept Finance Brokers is absolutely FREE and you could save thousands.


When building your new home that last thing you need is for the bank to slow you down. We can offer access to Construction Loans with only 5% deposit, fixed building contracts or owner builder options, interest only payments until completion or principal payments only where interest is deferred during construction. Progress payments are made during the build process so you only draw on what you need. Talk to us - it may mean one less thing to concern yourself with once the building starts.


are designed to provide you with additional funds in your retirement by releasing some the wealth tied up in your residential property. The most common reasons are Home Maintenance, day to day living supplement, purchasing a new car or an overseas holiday. The lender will advance the funds secured against your home and you will not be required to make regular repayments at any stage during the life of the loan. To find out more about who qualifies and how it all works call our friendly AFB Brokers, they will take all the time you need to go through it all thoroughly, and our service is FREE.


We understand what its like to be self employed. You require a loan now to purchase that new piece of equipment or for capital and may not have the usual paperwork such as financial statements or tax returns ready at hand. You do not require proof of income to get a Low Doc home loan and with all the benefits of no bank fees, a redraw facility and no extra interest margins - you could find finance easier to obtain than you first thought by phoning the AFB Hotline on 07 574 0012.


Whether you are insuring your home, contents, boat, car or life and health, Accept Finance have options to suit your individual needs and can even arrange easy monthly payments. Our insurance brokers take care of all the paperwork and make sure you have the right insurance policies in place so should the unexpected happen you and your family can continue to live your current lifestyle.