This is the first time I have wanted to write something like this. Right from the first enquiry call I made as Geoff was on the wharf going fishing if I remember correctly. I got plenty of help and although Geoff was busy he took the time to give the information he could and directed me to his website that gave me the rest and obviously captured me for a follow-up. Now, I could have been just a “Tyre Kicker” but Geoff stayed in touch without any pressure I might add and in the end when I found the vessel I wanted he helped me through the paper work etc like the professional he was. Now you would expect that from anybody when they are looking for a commission! The true strength of the man became evident later. After the money was paid, probably after the commission was spent even. After I was airlifted off my sinking vessel (Geoff wasn’t to blame) by Westpac Helicopter Rescue, Geoff was there to pick us up, found accommodation and took us shopping because we only had our wet weather gear on.

If you want a business friend, they don’t come any better than Geoff Owens. He will go above and beyond. He’ll have my business for life!

December 2015 – Mike Lemberg